2020 FOCUS

Since its creation, the Innovation award for women farmers try to propose a specific focus for each edition. As 2020 will be the year of the Green Deal at European level, Copa-Cogeca wanted to propose the following guiding theme: “Women Farmers in the driver’s seat of climate innovation”. Climate action can take various forms on farms from simple adaptions to more integrated projects including a carbon monitoring. All type of actions, measures and projects will have their place within our 2020 awards, we will reward the desire for change initiated by women farmers, the impact (economic, social, environmental) of their actions and the leading dimension of the project.

The Award shall be granted according to the following non-cumulative criteria

The use of innovative solutions in adapting to and/or mitigating climate change

Innovation may include working methods, organisational approaches and new forms of technology that contribute to adaptation and/or mitigation of climate change . Adaptation solutions may refer to the use of new strategies and adaptation tools in geographical areas where they were not previously used, aiming at making the sector more resilient to the impacts of climate change. This may involve the development of risk management tools, new forms of active land management and irrigation systems allowing for more efficient water management. Other examples may include the creation of new plant varieties able to withstand more extreme weather conditions and more resistant to pests and diseases.

Approaches focusing on mitigation should focus on reducing carbon emissions. This may include carbon sequestration and different ways in dealing with emissions from arable land, livestock management and the substitution of traditional fossil fuels by biofuels or renewable energy. Additionally, increasing efficiency in food production through circular economy should also be considered, creating added value with by-products allowing for the creation of more sustainable business models and new value-chains.

Innovation for All

Innovation must not be limited to one single farm but should have a potential impact or effect on all holdings in the same production sector or region, or on the area’s relations with the outside world.

In this context, innovation not only refers to those aspects which affect the farm itself, but also to the whole value chain, including machinery, the packaging of products, channels of distribution and export methods for agricultural or forestry products.

The sustainability of innovation, in particular at an economic, social and environmental level

The sustainability of innovation, in particular at an economic, social and environmental level. The innovation must be socially viable and promote green growth by tackling climate change, mitigating pollution and optimising resource efficiency.

It must also have a certain longevity and should stand the test of time in order to have an impact, instead of appearing and disappearing in a short space of time. The innovation should also promote the maintenance and creation of jobs in rural areas, entrepreneurship and new business models.

New communication methods and tools

New communication methods and tools are used to improve farm or forestry education for children and adults and/or improve consumers’ knowledge of farm or forestry production methods, or of the nutritional value of agricultural products. Conveying how farmers are at the forefront of innovation regarding solutions to tackle climate change.


5 key dates



of the competition

15th October


for submission

November - February

Shooting of the video clips

with the 5 short listed candidates

8th March 2021

Award Ceremony at the European Parliament

(2 rewarded candidates)



Pekka Pesonen

Secretary-General of Copa-Cogeca

Maria Benitez Salas

Acting Director of Directorate-General for Agriculture of the European Commission

Evelyn Regner

Chair of the European Parliament Committee on Women's Rights and Gender Equality

Lotta Folkesson

Chair of the Women’s Committee of Copa-Cogeca

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